Smart motion detection, tracking & recording

Rana can detect, track and record specific motion events. It can monitor selected assets and detect objects of interest. It is energy efficient to facilitate prolonged field deployment. Rana can be applied to live feed and process existing footage and recordings.

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Features & Benefits

Pure Vision
Robust Automated Monitoring
Ability to detect specific motion and track individual objects. Distance of object is unlimited as active infrared and heat signatures are not used. Tuneable so object size can be selected, allowing only motion by subject of interest to be detected, tracked & recorded.
Multimodal Functionality
Robust Automated Monitoring
Record movement, thereby generating a permanent record which comprises only relevant events. Subsequent analysis can be undertaken at any time. Produce a time-lapse series if needed. Can be applied to both live feed and pre-existing movies.
Compact & Economic
Robust Automated Monitoring
Can run on any architecture including single board, low energy consumption computers. Low hardware costs mean that individual units may be considered expendable, enabling field deployment as a ‘fire-and-forget’ IoT sensor.

Sectors which can benefit from Rana technology include


Detection and monitoring of visual threats to strategic assets.
‘Pop-up’ security for forward operating bases and assets


Record biodiversity including beneficials and crop pests, such as pollinators and biological control agents
Tool to assist in restoration ecology endeavours


Protect critical infrastructure such as power stations and server farms
Monitor for anti-social behaviour such as fly tipping
Safeguarding for remote assets such as livestock and railway lines
Detection of low level crime in a cost effective manner