Network analysis for informed decision making

Mensor analyses entire networks in real-time. It can establish network vulnerabilities and robustness. It enables scenarios to be tested and impact evaluated. Mensor is designed to operate on commodity hardware and is therefore able to operate stand-alone in the field.

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Features & Benefits

Total Network Evaluation
Robust Automated Monitoring
Analyse entire networks irrespective of size. Establish vulnerabilities and detect critical nodes. Deduce impacts of failure if subjected to focussed attack, and ramifications of proposed resultant actions.
Immediate Results
Robust Automated Monitoring
Evaluate the strength and integrity of large networks in real-time. Inform decisions using information which accurately reflects the current position. Incorporate updates and obtain revised data immediately.
Low Power & Economic
Robust Automated Monitoring
Ability to obtain results quickly using consumer-off-the-shelf computer hardware makes the technology economic to deploy. Clusters of servers equipped with graphics processing units are not required.

Sectors which can benefit from Mensor technology include

Critical Infrastructure

Safeguarding utilities by analysing gas and electricity power grids and public water systems
Protection of telephone communications and internet integrity
Analysis of road and rail networks and mass public transportation systems
Logistics resilience testing and planning for food security and protection of supply chains


Analysis of beneficial ecosystem services such as pollination and pest control
Investigate impact alien species have on biomes
Generate insights for repairing damaged ecosystems
Prediction of possible zoonotic virus emergence
Identification of species vulnerable to extinction


Analysing proteome networks to aid the design of better medications
Understanding the spread of pathogens to protect public health
Understanding genome networks and gene interaction

Law Enforcement

Identify key areas to target resources to maximise impact
Detect money laundering and other financial crime
Predict undesirable events and help safeguard the public

Social Networks

Identify influencers and access their potential impact
Indicate information sources and propagators
Establish proponents of fake news