We are building the
next generation of
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence with energy
efficiency and ethical techniques at the
centre of everything we do.
Our technologies look to the future.

See the world around you in new ways


Smart motion detection, tracking & recording
Rana can detect, track and record specific motion events. It can monitor selected assets and detect objects of interest. It is energy efficient to facilitate prolonged field deployment. Rana can be applied to live feed and process existing footage and recordings.


Artificial Intelligence for automatic identification
Daisy is a universal identification AI. It can be applied to anything: images, sounds, chemical spectra, even molecular data. It is fast, accurate and designed to be energy efficient. Classification models for training Daisy are built ethically, labour intensive pre-processing is not required.


Network analysis for informed decision making
Mensor analyses entire networks in real-time. It can establish network vulnerabilities and robustness. It enables scenarios to be tested and impact evaluated. Mensor is designed to operate on commodity hardware and is therefore able to operate stand-alone in the field.

We look to the future

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