Rana has many possible applications including:

Rana – Detecting Pollinators

Detecting Pollinators

Rana – Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

What is Rana?

What is Rana?

Rana monitors a camera to detect “frames of motion” (e.g. frames in which a substantial number of pixels in that frame differ from the previous frame and in which these motion-pixels are concentrated into a small area, “the blob”). These motion frames are combined into digital movies which can be subsequently viewed using standard digital video editing suites or movie view tools such as Microsoft media player or the open source VLC viewer.

Use Rana to:

  • Make a movie
  • Initiate a time-lapse recording (you can specify the required frame rate)
  • Output frame containing motion as a jpeg image
  • Initiate a user defined script. Such scripts could, for example, set a bell to be rung, make a light flash or cause a door to be locked

If you want something which is not included on the above list it may be possible to easily adapt the system to suit your requirements. If so please get in touch.

Features & Benefits

Rana Features and Benefits:

Robust automated monitoring

The “fire and forget” operation means that users spend less time out with the equipment and therefore have more time for other activities.

Events can trigger selected responses

This enables the user to select if they just want to be alerted or if another specific function is to be executed when motion is detected.

Tuneable motion filter

This allows the user to set the parameters for the specific type of motion they want to trigger the system, e.g., it can act as a filter.

Can track a series of consecutive motion events

This enables counting to occur automatically without the need for a user to access the output, e.g., counting bees leaving a hive, but excluding the ones returning. Hence, a considerable amount of user time can be saved.

Runs on low power hardware and makes use of ACPI sleep states to power down when motion is not being detected

This enables the system to be run in remote locations for extended periods of time, relying only on battery power.


Time lapse option available

This is great for users making time lapse movies, e.g., germinating seedlings.

Can be controlled via a web interface

The system can therefore be tuned remotely, as this means that video output can be assessed in real time.

Output is industry standard MPEG movies format

This means that it can be viewed and edited using standard PC and Mac based video editing software.

Communicates with base station using wireless LAN technology

Users can “stand off” to retrieve data from systems located in remote and awkward locations.

Compatible with other Tumbling Dice products

This means that you could, for example, automatically identify your moving objects using our Daisy product.

Rana Frequently Asked Questions: