Topographic Mapping

Topographic Mapping

Mensor - Topographic Mapping

Work through this scenario. There have recently been a spate of damaging floods in Kashmir, you are a scientist working for a government hydrological institute and have been tasked with finding out whether this flooding is part of a cyclical pattern of activity of the NE Monsoon or is caused by deforestation in the Himalayan valleys caused by human activity.

How could you go about deducing what the causative factors might be? Perhaps you could look at historical weather data; certainly they would give you some information about the intensity of the monsoon in the past half century. However, it would also be essential to investigate whether extensive deforestation or other human factors have caused increased run-off; which in turn has lead to increased erosion. You could look at old maps, but they might be inaccurate especially if they date back to the 1930’s. A most scientific approach to compare river basins, then and now, may be to generate topographic maps from historical aerial photography and compare them with modern ones generated from satellite imagery

How Mensor can help you 

Having access to Mensor could allow this method to be undertaken. Certain information about the camera would be required for a map to be generated; however, if change was the only concern no further information is needed. Using Mensor, topographic maps can be generated from any stereo image source very rapidly; typically a 60 km square area can be mapped in less than 10 minutes using a modern desktop computer. The historic and current drainage patterns could then be analysed equally rapidly using a hydrological modelling package; allowing you to assess the key factors which have impacted the area, resulting in the flooding.

Mensor can help you in any situation where topographic mapping products are required, and it can achieve this in a timely fashion: Examples include;

  • gravity anomaly surveys for mineral prospecting
  • hydrological analysis
  • civil engineering
  • path planning for drones and UAV’s
  • estimation of damage caused by natural disasters

In summary, Mensor can be used to generate topographic mapping for anyone, anywhere and anytime.

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