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Change Detection

Mensor - Change Detection

Consider this: what if you were working for a conservation group tasked with protecting the integrity and biodiversity of a vast area of important rainforest. You have been given two remits, firstly, to monitor the health of the rainforest, and secondly, to police logging concessions. You have access to satellite imagery spanning a time-scale of several years, but currently, evidence of change can only be ascertained by labour intensive manual based techniques.

How Mensor can help you

If you had access to Mensor, your task would sudden become significantly less labour intensive. With Mensor, you can look for areas of forest whose appearance has changed, extremely quickly and accurately; thereby, vastly reducing the time and effort required to analyse the satellite imagery. Once the areas in which change has occurred are established, the type of change can be classified. This is the section of your task which requires skill and to which you should be devoting most of your resources, in order to be most effective. You can analyse the change detected either manually or by machine; for example using our Daisy product. The main point is that you would be able to monitor a larger area and very quickly. Therefore, if something like illegal deforestation is occurring, intervention could take place extremely quickly in order to limit the damage.

In summary, Mensor can be used to rapidly detect change in order to protect the environment.

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