Mensor has many possible applications including:

Mensor – Topographic Mapping

Topographic Mapping

Mensor - Change Detection

Change Detection

What is Mensor?

What is Mensor?

Mensor is a robust system that employs area correlation stereo matching techniques to reconstruct a 3D representation from stereo 2D images. It can be used to generate digital maps, detect change or compute optical flow.  Mensor is not dependent on image scale so can be applied to any stereo imagery making it extremely versatile.

Use Mensor To:

  • Create topographical maps and digital terrain models from two or more images
  • Detect and measure change even using old imagery
  • Analysing change in satellite images
  • Detect physical change in humans - moles and skin lesions

Features & Benefits

Mensor Features and Benefits:


The user only needs to supply overlapping stereo imagery (and in some cases a camera model) in order for the required output to be generated. This means that the user will not have to spend time monitoring or making adjustments.

Image scale is not a factor

Mensor can work on stereo images from a planetary scale, e.g., Mars, to a microscopic scale, e.g., scanning electron microscope. This makes the system extremely versatile.

Standard camera models included

This means meaningful output can be produced straight away. (Camera models are only required for Digital Terrain Model [Digital Map] generation – not for Digital Disparity Maps, change detection or optical flow modes.)

Works with a wide variety of image formats

This means that imagery can be used “as is” without the need to convert it to a specific format.

Automatically corrects for relief

The use of a built-in affine model means that the system automatically corrects for the effects of foreshortening. This enables an extremely accurate result is produced.

Digital Terrain Models [Digital Maps] can be produced in a variety of map projections

This enables the user to select the projection relevant to their needs.

Compatible with other Tumbling Dice products

This means that you could, for example, automatically feed in images obtained via our Rana product.

Mensor Frequently Asked Questions:


Mensor Process Overview: