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When prospecting for fossil fuels, analyses are regularly undertaken on core samples obtained via the drill. The purpose of such analysis is primarily to examine the samples for micro plankton, such as foraminifera; and hence identify and date the strata in which the drill head is currently situated. This process often necessitates having a paleontologist actually on site, either that or samples are sent away from the rig to be examined; resulting in increased costs due to the time delays that incurs.

The fact that the number of trained paleontologists in the world is rapidly diminishing, so they are becoming an increasing scarce resource, means that the fossil fuel industry needs to establish different techniques now before the situation becomes critical. Daisy is well placed to offer the industry a way forward for the future.

How Daisy can help you

The need to analyse core samples is obviously fundamental to prospecting, however, technicians could easily prepare the samples for Daisy to identify the micro plankton contained within. Initially Daisy needs to be trained on the micro plankton likely to be found, so that it can make the correct identifications. Results produced would be in real-time, making it a useful tool for accurately manipulate the drill head. The facility can easily be available around the clock. Resulting in quicker decisions, less time lost, and therefore reducing costs.

Daisy effectively “bottles” the skill of expert paleontologists. Daisy learns from experience, the more the system is used the better the results. Initially, there will be identifications Daisy is unable make, but these could easily be sent through digitally to paleontologists located centrally covering a number of rigs. Provided that Daisy is then trained on that identification, it will learn and become better over time. This means that the need for future expert identifications will be reduced.

In summary, Daisy is available now for use in the oil and gas industry.

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