Agricultural Crops

Agricultural Crops

Daisy – Agricultural Crops

Imagine this scenario; in a remote plantation, a farm worker discovers a large number of insects on the crops. The farm worker doesn’t know what they are, if they are harmful to the crop or how to respond. The common response to this scenario is for the entire crop to be treated with an all encompassing pesticide. This response has various ramifications, such as; the cost of applying the pesticide and environmental effect a catch-all solution. Now imagine the same scenario, but with access to Daisy. The farm work finds the insects and images them, either with a satellite phone or a simple digital camera. The images are then identified by Daisy and the required action displayed on the screen – all of which is achieved in real-time. The response can then be accurately tailored to the insects found, such as; do nothing if insects do not have a negative impact on the crop or, use a specific pesticide that will have a focused impact and therefore lessen the environmental impact. Daisy makes the second scenario possible today

How Daisy can help you

Daisy enables the non-expert to gain access to expert entomological knowledge in real-time. Obviously, the pests for almonds are different from the pests that effect strawberries or tobacco. This means that for each crop Daisy has to be trained in the particular insects involved. But once trained Daisy continues to learn, meaning that performance improves over time; giving further commercial and environmental benefits. The output displayed once Daisy has made the identification is easy to tailor, and is likely vary for each client – offering a very flexible solution.

In summary, whatever your crop, whether you are growing coffee, tea, almonds, oranges, tobacco or cotton; Daisy can add value to your business.

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