Tumbling Dice

Tumbling Dice is a software company with a suite of products that help you interpret the world around you in new ways. From image recognition to image capture and mapping change, Tumbling Dice can support you in your commercial, creative or scientific endeavours.

Tumbling Dice offers three products; Daisy - image recognition software for identifying any two or three dimensional object, Rana - movement-based image capture that only films when it detects movement, and Mensor - maps topographical change over time and can even map change in minute architectural detail.

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Our Eco Philosophy

At Tumbling Dice we want to enable the right decisions to be taken for our environment. In order to facilitate this we have produced products which enable management level information to be obtained, via the application of cutting edge scientific techniques.

Tumbling Dice want to help companies establish their environmental impact. We believe that with such knowledge, companies will not only be in a position to improve their processes, and thus increase profits, but also “green up” their business. In today’s world of 24 hour communication, green credentials are essential to good public relations and in turn to commercial success.

At Tumbling Dice also want to provide innovative ways to help museums and other interested bodies reach the public and convey to them the sheer wonder of the natural world. We believe that our products can be used to enable citizen science and therefore facilitate the imagination of the public to be sparked about the world around them. We believe that if people understand the natural world they will respect and care for it.

Tumbling Dice Products

Rana: Camera Trap Smart Surveillance


Camera Trap,
Smart Surveillance

  • Motion-Activated
  • Ecosystem Observation
  • Conservation Monitoring
Daisy: Universal, Intelligent Image Recognition


Universal, Intelligent
Image Recognition

  • Universal Applicability
  • Biodiversity Assessment
  • Intelligent Image Recognition
Mensor: Detecting Change and Generating Topography


Detecting Change and
Generating Topography

  • Remote Sensing
  • Topographic Representation
  • Detecting Change